Our Last Stop: - Disposal Facilities!

​At Patios and More we try to Donate and Recycle as many unwanted items as possible but of course... our last stop is the landfill. Let's be honest, we can't salvage everything but we are committed to reducing the waste we put into our landfills!
          Our Second Stop: - Local Recycling Facilities!

​At Patios and More we come across a lot of broken and outdated items that many of our charitable partners cannot use or simply don't want, and that's why we have teamed up many local recycling companies in the Twin Cities. This helps us to keep things such as computers, televisions and many other items from going into our local landfills.
No one will argue the fact that we have a major waste problem both here and around the globe. The current figures are staggering to say the least. Here in the United States alone we create over 250 million tons of trash each year. Of that, 135 tons are placed in our landfills each year. This results in 27 billion cubic feet of gas released annually from our rotting trash.

At Patios and More we are committed to limiting our impact on the environment by minimizing the amount of junk hauled into our local landfills. We accomplish this through our 3-step disposal process: #1 - Donate, #2 - Recycle and #3 - Dispose.

While we are at your home we'll carefully sort all of your unwanted junk on-site as part of the initial loading process. This extra effort at the beginning will help minimize landfill waste by allowing us to pick and choose which items will be donated or recycled with our partners.

          Our First Stop: - Donations to Charity!

​At Patios and More we understand how important it is to donate to charity so we have teamed up with many local charitable organizations throughout the Twin Cities metro area who will accept your unwanted items.
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